DRMD Alumni, please follow the steps below:

 If you’re a 2017 graduate and this is your 1st year as an Alumni or you graduated earlier and have not yet been an alumni, click the following link to sign up to be added to the DRMD Alumni Database. This will ensure that you receive all updates, info, and logistics from the alumni coordinators.  https://goo.gl/forms/dkrWOOLrDfyi7oFo1

A volunteer form is REQUIRED every year from each alumni. Follow these steps to submit your volunteer form for this year:

  1. Download this PDF: VolunteerApplication
  2. Fill it out completely (put Deep Dun Marathon Dance as the event)
  3. “Sign” the back of the form by just TYPING your name in. (You do not have to print it out and physically sign like in previous years).
  4. Save your completed form TITLED: “Last Name_DRMD Volunteer Form_2017”
  5. Email your completed volunteer form to: kbkern@henrico.k12.va.us

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Alumni Coordinators at: drmdlive@gmail.com




David Bruce                             (804) 380-2473                       dbrucey22@gmail.com

Jadia (Beckius) Bruckner          (804) 218-4935                      Jadia.bruckner@gmail.com

Brooke Langhorne                    (804) 517-6741                      langhorneba@mymail.vcu.edu

Brittany (Evans) Ballou           (804) 921-2828                      baballou13@gmail.com