The DRMD recipient application process is set up by the students of Deep Run High School.  It is set up so that each parent and staff member receives an email in early September.  We will be sending the email out to the community 3 times: September 14th, September 22nd, and October 6th.  We ask our parents and staff to forward the application to community organizations that are important to them and their families. If your organization is interested in benefiting from this year’s dance, please contact a DRHS parent or staff member for the application. All applications are due October 13th at midnight. The students and the DRMD Committee are committed to keeping the benefactors of the Dance close to home.  For this reason, we do not publicly post the recipient application.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you this year.

2017 Recipients:

Boys to Men Mentoring Network of VA. Inc.
Boys to Men Mentoring Network of VA is working to empower at-risk boys between the ages of 12 and 17 in single parent homes. Their programs help theses boys, who often do not have a strong father figure, grow into healthy, and mature men with a greater chance at a strong future. Weekly meetings and and annual team building weekends provide the boys an opportunity to practice their skills, and start a journey to a healthier, brighter future.
Church Hill Activities and Tutoring
Church Hill Activities and Tutoring is a program that seeks to inspire children and help them become what they aspire to be. CHAT provides lower income East End children with the opportunity to learn valuable skills in order to break the cycles of poverty, and become a generation of young people willing to make transformative decisions for their betterment, and their community’s betterment.
Full Circle Grief Center
Full Circle Grief Center helps families who have experienced a death of a significant loved one. They have worked to create a supportive circle for children and families who are experiencing illness or loss so hey can have a safe healing place, and a trusting environment. Full Circle Grief Center helps families find trained grief counselors, peer groups, creative outlets, acceptance of feelings, opportunity to play, and a chance to remember their loved ones.
Gracie’s Guardians (Richmond Animal League)
Richmond Animal League’s initiative Gracie’s Guardian is improving the welfare of pitbulls in the Richmond area. The name derives from “Gracie” one of the pit bulls from the Michael Vick case. Gracie’s Guardians offer fostering, and adoption of pit bulls that have been rescued from shelters, along with spaying and neutering. They also offer owners with educational outreach to address overpopulation and the suffering of pit bulls.
Hope For Families
Hope For Families provides children with HOPE. Their mission is to give children a happier, safer place to enjoy themselves. Each summer, they give 130 children a chance to play sports, and have fun along with other children and counselors. Hope For Families has a mission to assure every child that they are valuable, and have been created for a purpose.
Keep Virginia Beautiful
Keep Virginia Beautiful’s mission is to engage and in unite Virginians to improve the natural environment. They are working to link Virginians to volunteer opportunities and give information in their five impact areas: Litter Prevention, Recycling, Waste Reduction, Beautification, and Education.
Making of Miracle Stories Animal Rescue of VA Inc. (MOMSva)
Making of Miracle Stories Animal Rescue is a no-kill, volunteer based rescue organization that specializes in rescuing homeless or abandoned dogs. Their mission is to place each dog in a loving, responsible home for the rest of their life. Any animal that comes into MOMSVA received all needed veterinary care and treatment to assure they are in good health while in foster homes, before adoption. MOMSVA also works with Richmond area shelters to develop a more supportive network of volunteers, in order to provide a better world for forgotten animals.
OAR of Richmond Inc.
OAR works with adults who have been or are incarcerated to successfully reintegrate into the community. They assist their clients by giving them emotional support, and help finding employment. Their mission is to continue to assure the happiness and health of their clients after jail, so they can live a productive, safe life.
Piedmont Search and Rescue
Piedmont Search and Rescue, a volunteer based organization, is dedicated to be a responsive, effective search and rescue team. They provide certified ground searchers and resources in support of local, regional, and national missing person search efforts.
The Cameron K. Gallagher Memorial Foundation
The Cameron K. Gallagher Memorial Foundation strives to fulfill Cameron’s dream and legacy by being a positive force that works to cultivate awareness and understanding of teenage depression. Cameron K. Gallagher Memorial Foundation is actively collaborating with professionals and school staff to design a model for programs within the schools to facilitate group and individual dialogue concerning teenage depression and anxiety.
The Sophie House
The Sophie House is focused on providing supportive services for single mothers and their children. The Housing Support Network screens and refers single women and mothers to establish a positive housing record. Single mothers and women are provided with a lease, and the landlord will keep affordable prices for participants. The main goal of the Sophie House is to ensure that single women and mothers are taken care of financially and provided with the support to find stability, hope, and long-term success.
Wintergreen Adaptive Sports
Wintergreen Adaptive Sports brings persons with disabilities opportunities to participate in outdoor and recreational sports. They offer skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, and canoeing. The opportunities are given to all ages and with all types of disabilities. They have had over 2.500 students with disabilities have received adaptive instruction for outdoor sports though Wintergreen Adaptive Sports.